Releases in reverse chronological order

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"(UN)titled" - released 22 August 2013

Wake Up / Brainstorm / Hypothalamus / 2AM

Composed during an episode of cluster headache in August 2013, "(UN)titled" is an attempt at catharsis through sound.

"When We Were" - released 22 July 2013

Daydreamer / 1988 / Six Weeks / Young(er)

"When We Were" compromises of an eclectic mix of synth pop that harks back to the bright-eyed wonder of childhood.

"Begin" - released 20 June 2013

In the Beginning / Number 2 / A Brief Encounter / The End

"Begin" marks Ion in the Ether's first foray into electronic music, unashamedly flirting with synthetic sound.

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